Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Origin Story

Sherpa and I on the way to Lake Ferry!
My adventures in New Zealand began in 2007. I spent six weeks teaching in Nelson, then my friend Diane drove Ryan and me from Wellington to Auckland over the remaining two weeks. This is how Diane became known as "Sherpa." It's a spiritual name, you know.

Meditation labyrinth at Wharariki Beach.
Diane and I hung out a lot during my eight weeks in New Zealand. She helped me cope with some serious stuff, and I hope that perhaps I helped her too. But most of all, we loved to hang out and drink tea and talk about yoga! This happened so often that it was given a name: lazy tea!

When I returned home to the US, I tried to get lazy tea going with friends and students in the area. It didn't work. Everyone was super busy - even me! I suppose you can't just impose "island time" on the US. So, it never really clicked.

Nothing fancy - reheated green tea!
Then, three years after that first trip, we moved to NZ - purchasing a holistic health center. I get emails from students in the US asking me questions about this or that pose. My friends from NZ, who now live all over the world, will pop onto Facebook and we'll have a chat about some yoga topic.

It reminded me of lazy tea! It's not exactly the same, of course. But, at least we have can tea while we read and write blogs. :-)


  1. Lazy tea sounds good right about now.

  2. OMG!!! I love the blog and of course hearing those two words in a beautiful sequence...lazy tea.

    This trip and meeting you changed my life. And yes, you helped me cope with some very serious things. What a special time. It brings so much warmth in my heart to see these photos again.

    I too have tried to introduce Lazy Tea here amongst friends but it hasn't stuck. Perhaps lazy tea through blogging will have to do for now!

    Love you soooo much! I am so happy for your new business and blog!

    luv, Sherpa

  3. ryan goes "what does 'less than 3' mean?" so funny.

    anyway, i'm looking forward to sharing with everyone on this blog! :D]