Friday, November 26, 2010

Teacher Training Is Here!

Over the past eight years, I've been training teachers in an ad hoc, apprenticeship manner. Those who have studied with me are phenomenal teachers, and I'm super-proud of them. But the program was cumbersome and difficult for me to follow and maintain. So I sought a way to continue with the personal connection that this model brings, but also make it a bit easier for me - and for students - to access and receive training in a more systematic way.

In 2009, a number of my students approached me to get training so they could continue to teach each other. They knew I was moving to NZ, and they wanted to continue in "our style" that had developed over our many years together. I created a loose program wherein they could learn how to teach - even though many of them were not looking to teach yoga in any professional way. They just wanted to be able to be together. And, they are still together - every Thursday night, I believe - meeting in each other's homes. I am also super-proud of that continuation! This loose framework also really helped me to explore how people learn and what might be necessary for a more formal program.

When designing my teacher training, I wanted it to
  • maintain the close relationship of the apprenticeship program;
  • create formalized, group opportunities for learning - which are incredibly beneficial as students can can compare notes, discuss issues and bring unique perspectives to the material;
  • provide opportunities for in-depth, self-directed study so the individual's interests can be really developed within the program; and
  • still provide the high-quality education that I want to provide.
I think I've hit on it! I offer four kinds of training now for a variety of interests and needs:

1. Basic Yoga Certification
2. Advanced Yoga Certification
3. Diploma in Yoga
4. Continuing Education

For more information about these programs, check out the PDFs on the Healium website! Just click on Services > Therapeutic Movement > Yoga and look for the purple!

What do you think? How do you think this program description compares to others? If you lived in NZ, would you take this training? When are you moving to NZ, anyway?

Grab some tea, read the files and let's chat!

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