Sunday, November 28, 2010

You Can Do It: Crow Pose

My new online friend Kiwineil asked for a quick tutorial on crow, since he's a Bikram practitioner and they don't normally do crow in the sequence. Might as well add to his outside-of-Bikram repertoire!

My new online friend Al has a great little article about crow pose too. His posture is a little "heavy" in the images, and crows are about being light, so here is how I like to get people into it.

For me, this is a basics pose. I teach it in all of my classes, unless people have serious injuries that would prevent them from doing it. But most people can do it, if they follow these instructions! :D

Also, notice that I fell down. It's no big deal. You just go back up. I could give excuses like "it was early" and "Hawk distracted me" or whatever. But the fact is, sometimes you just fall down.

How did it go? Did you get into crow? If you are primal, then have some green tea with coconut cream. If you are not primal, then have some green tea and a biscuit to celebrate your awesomeness!

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